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It all started with a thirteen year old boy, who at the time family owned a well known Pizzeria in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs …. Let’s go back in time to 1997.

Growing up in his family Pizzeria in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs he became curious about the pizza industry, from the age of thirteen being old enough to visit the kitchen and be around the restaurant he started to learn the family business. The boy learnt all areas of the business, but his favourite part was watching the head chef build the perfect Pizza. From how the dough was hand made the same day, risen and hand rolled into the thin base, to the quality of ingredients placed in the same spot each time, to the perfect sprinkle of mozzarella on top, the perfect pizza is a work of art. Curiosity followed and his journey has continued over the past 22 years.

After continuing in the food industry for most of his life, in his own successful restaurants and most recently owning an award-winning Pizzeria in the Inner West of Sydney, our owner decided it was time for a break. But as we laugh about now “the pizza life chose him” and he couldn’t stay away, with pizza always on his mind, Pizza & Co was created.

We like to always remember our roots and where we started as most of our practices continue the same way as what was passed down to us. Bringing you a taste of the traditional -our “Pizza & Co” pizza has been served by our family since 1991 exactly the same way as we do today for you, to some of our created gourmet range to add to the mix. We are all about the freshest, quality ingredients to create the perfect pizza in our open kitchen for you all to see. The exact same way our owner saw when he was thirteen and show what inspired him all those years ago and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We now open our doors to Balmain and we look forward to having you all over for dinner at our place.

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Shop 1 418 Darling St, Balmain

02 8387 3125

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